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I am struggling with a maths problem, can you help me?

  • I personally do not answer questions as this takes away from my time to develop the website and produce video tutorials. However, please post your question on my Facebook Forum page which I set up and someone is very likely to help you if you are courteous and grateful for their time.

Do you offer private tuition or online tuition?

  • Yes

How can I advertise on your site?

I can’t access a paper because a link is broken, what shall I do?

  • Please contact me to inform me where the broken link is and I will correct the problem as soon as possible

I can’t find the solutions for the paper I’m looking for, can you help my revision?

  • The range of solutions I offer on my website is driven by demand, please let me know which solutions you’re after. if the demand is great enough I will produce the solutions.

Do you provide solutions for any other subjects?

  • I currently do not offer solutions for any other subjects. However I may do in the future. To be kept uptodate with the work I put up, checkout my facebook page.

How do you produce the videos?

  • This is not something I share at present as methods and techniques took a long time to develop to what you see today.